Cloud Computing Solution

Steelcon Technologies Limited is a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) Partner. This will enable us to provide direct billing, sell combined offers and services, as well as directly provision, manage and support Microsoft cloud offerings.

STL takes ownership of the complete customer lifecycle, allowing it to easily sell Office 365, Microsoft Azure, Dynamics CRM Online, Enterprise Mobility Suite and Microsoft Intune, helping customers take advantage of cloud services by owning the entire billing process and directly managing support.

“Interest in the cloud is growing at a tremendous rate and we have invested heavily in the skills to support this. Joining the Cloud Solution Provider program and fully supporting and integrating cloud services into our offering allows us to build stronger relationships with our customers and provide them with the best cloud solutions to enhance their business.”

Using best practices, STL assists companies in discovering what they have today, model what IT could look like tomorrow, and then help them migrate to the new platform.

STL also creates adoption plans to make sure clients realize the business benefits of the Microsoft Cloud, leverage leading-edge adoption tools, including cloud Adoption bundle, to make sure their teams are utilizing tools to be more collaborative and productive.